Aino, 140x110 cm, acrylics. Happy painter in the bell tower, 140x110 cm, acrylics. Memorial picture of Vyborg, 70x110 cm. Acrylics. An old fool in Vyborg, 70x85 cm. Oils. The boy and the tower, 140x110 cm. Acrylics. Standing in front of a Russian shop, 70x110 cm. Oils.
Main page Self-portrait in  the tower of the Castle of Vyborg, 140x110 cm. Oils. Flowery hillocks, 90x110 cm. Acrylics and oils. As a bystander in Vyborg, 90x110 cm. Oils. By the wall, 90x70 cm. Oils. Trip to Vyborg, 70x85 cm. Oils. Castle from the south-west, 70x90 cm. Oils.
A merchant's house, 70x90 cm. Oils. Castle Street, 70x90 cm. Oils. Old  fool applauding, 90x110 cm. Acrylics and oils. Arched vault, 70x90 cm. Oils. Watching the bell tower, 90x70 cm. Oils. A boy in Vyborg, 90x110 cm. Acrylics and oils.
Eeli Aalto



Southern wall, 70x90 cm. Oils. A boy and the ruins of the old church, 70x90 cm. Oils. Walls at Patterimäki, 70x85 cm. Oils. Shipless harbour, 70x90 cm. Oils. Looking at Vyborg, 70x110 cm. Oils. The  music has quietened, 140x110 cm. Acrylics and oils.