Eeli at Kiikeli

Meritulli guest harbour

Kiikeli tree

Kiikeli bridge

Church and the old storehouses

Pump room on the market shore

Oulu market shore

Escorted by a constable

Hailuoto ship

Fish stands in the market place

Martti Spårman and his friends

Raksila roofs

Toppila harbour

In front of the market cafe


Through the studio window at Kastelli

Rake at Kontinkangas

Ski track to Oulu

Yard of a Kastelli house

Airi in the Raksila fields


Digital drawings 

I draw and relate about my memories in Oulu in the 1960's. I was at the noon of my life then, just turned 30. As I have grown older, my appreciation for the town has only increased.

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