My Vyborg

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Here I am Photo by Anssi Mellblom I was born on February 6, 1931 Vilhelmiina Kaartinen, née Ristolainen Anna Klementjeff, née Kaski View from Patterimäki ("Battery Hill") in 1991 Gunnar, Eeli and Sulo My territory in Patterimäki
Moats My father 1894-1975 Pekka and his Buick Taxi drivers, with my father 3 rd on the right Market Me viewing my playgrounds Imatra My mother 1901-1974
Munkkiniemi swimming beach Photo by Anssi Mellblom Photo by Anssi Mellblom Rosuvoi, with me in the middle Leningradskij prospekt Miss Hiltunen Repola Primary School Grammar School
Torkkelinkatu ("Torgild Street") Linnankatu ("Castle Street") Torkkelin puisto ("Torgild Park") Korkeasaari in Helsinki Ruins of the old church Harbour Vyborg Castle View from the castle tower

Click on the image to enter my Vyborg. We all have lived a childhood. This is mine.