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Oulu 400 years

The city of Oulu will be celebrating its 400th anniversary in 2005. It was officially founded on the 8th of April 1605. The anniversary is meant for all city dwellers. The year 2005 is full of happenings for all city dwellers to participate in.
Oulu 400 years - anniversary theme
Oulu 2005 - Development takes us far
bulletResponsibility for well-being
bulletCompetence attracts
bulletOulu - wisdon and foresight

Festival Week

The climax of the anniversary is the week from the 27th August to the 3rd September.
The happenings are mainly taking place within the area of Oulu hall – Ice stadium – Finnish baseball stadium.

The guiding principle of the festival week is to act as a present to all city dwellers as a part of the anniversary ceremonies.

At the moment the production of the festival week carries the working name TIME JOURNEY OULU. The meaning is to arrange a happening in which all city dwellers can follow the history of Oulu from its very early period up till the future. It is possible to experience this journey both by watching it and by participating in it.

The TIME JOURNEY OULU is carried out by the city organization as a whole. Furthermore, it is supported by numerous competent groups of Oulu.


Address: Kirkkokatu 2a
Postal address: PL 1, 90015 City of Oulu
Fax: (08)55841720
E-mail addresses: first name. last name@ouka.fi

Director of the 400 anniversary of Oulu is Head of Communications Sirkka Keränen.

Inquiries into the festival week:
Project manager of the festival week Kirsi Kumpuvaara-Virkkala
Tel. (08)5584 1643
Mobile: 044703 1643

More information about the communication and marketing of the 400 anniversary:

Eila Vähäkuopus
Communications specialist (communication planning)
Tel. +358 85584 1141
Mobile: +358 44703 1141

Sari Valppu
Communications specialist (marketing planning)
Tel. (08) 5584 1145
Mobile: 044 703 1145

Information about the programme and practical arrangements:

Sirkka-Liisa Patokoski
Tel. (08) 5584 1143
Mobile: 044 703 1143

Kaisu Perälä
Tel. (08) 5584 1151
Mobile: 044 703 1151




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