Smart Urban Spaces and Financiers

SUS Collection

Project Objectives

  • To provide SW technology bricks and middleware for integration into city infrastructures
  • To provide design frameworks for service providers
  • To begin building a network of European cities willing to share their experiences of mobile-aware and context-aware services
  • To develop the first set of interoperable urban services standards

Project Summary

  • Eureka ITEA2 consortium
  • Call Identifier: ITEA2-IP-08010
  • Project Duration: 3 years 01.07.2009-30.06.2012
  • Coordinator: Gemalto France
    Finnish Coordinator: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Partners: 25, Countries: 4, Partner cities: 12
  • Project Budget: ~19,5 M Euros,
    City of Oulu approx. 900 000
    Finland national financier: TEKES, UBICOM program

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