Oulun taidemuseo - julkiset ulkoveistokset
  Outdoor Sculpture Care and Conservation Projects

Art Museum has been handling the outdoor sculpture care of the city of Oulu since the beginning of the year 2001.

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The sculpture care has its foundation in the work of the fine arts committee of the city of Oulu. The first target was conserving and repairing Martti Tarvainen’s Wings sculpture (1965).

During summertime were performed different tasks that are part of outdoor sculpture care, like cleaning, removing stains and conservation. Pirkko Nukari’s Migratory Bird bronze sculpture (1984), which is located in the area of Kontinkangas Hospital, is another object that has been worked with. After the pedestal stone attachment of the sculpture had broken the sculpture was removed and the bird’s feet were attached once again in an art foundry. Kari Huhtamo’s Splash (1976) sculpture was waxed. Unto Aro’s The Boy With a Bark Boat sculpture was removed from Snellman Park. The sculpture will be placed to Ainola Park by the waterside in 2003.

In 2003, the main target of the outdoor sculpture care of the city of Oulu will be taking care of Osmo Valtonen’s Fire-Air-Earth (1988) neon light and steel sculpture, which is located in Logistiikkapuisto Park. Erland Stenberg’s Frans Michael Franzén’s Statue (1879) will be conserved simultaneously with the renewing of Franzén Park, yet at the earliest in 2004.

Conservation projects from the last years

The Fire - Earth - Air project 2003
The Fish Hawk and the Salmon project 2002

The conservation and restoration of The Wings sculpture 2000-2001